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absolute pitch, accent, accentuation, Accidental, accidental, accidental to enharmonics, accidental to flats, accidental to sharps, accompaniment, Accordion, acoustic, acoustic guitar, acoustics, add, adjust, advanced, alternate bass, Alto, Alto Clarinet, Alto Flute, Alto Saxophone, anticipation, Anvil, apply, apply to..., appoggiatura, arch, artificial harmonics, ascending slur, attack, attributes, audible, audience, augmented, augmented triad, auto beam


b, back of the hand, background, backslash, bar, bar line, Baritone, Baritone Saxophone, barline (measure line), barline type, barré, basic cadence, bass, Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute, Bass Saxophone, bass strings, basso continuo, Bassoon, beam, beam groups, beam on beat, beat, bend, bottom part, bow, brace (curved bracket), bracket (accolade), brass, break, break barlines, bridge, broken chord


cancel, cantible tone, capotasto, case, Castanets, cedar, center, change, change of position, Children's Choir, choir, choose, chord, chord chart, chord of the sixth, chord sequence, chord symbol, chordal, chorus, circle of fifths, circle of fourths, Clarinet, Claves, clear, clef, clefs, close, close to the bridge, coda phrases, color, common chord, common time, competition, compose, composer, concert pitch A4, conductor, Contrabassoon, copy, Cornet, count, counter movement, Cowbells, Crash Cymbals, crotchet, cue, current, cut, cut time


damp, deadend string, delete, demisemiquaver, descending, descending slur, die out, to, diminished, direction, dot, dotted note, Double Bass, double stop, double tonguing, double-dot, double-flat, double-flat, double-sharp, double-sharp, downstroke, draw, drawing-tools, dress rehearsal, driver, Drums, duplet, duration


each, ebony, edit, eighth note, elbow, emphasis, endings, English Horn, eraser, exercise, exit, extension, extract part


fan-bracing, fifth, final rehersal, fingerboard, fingering, fingerpattern, fingerpick, fingertip, first inversion, fit page, fit to..., fit width, flag, flat, flatpick, flute, flutter tongue, follow, font, footer, footstool, forearm, four-part harmony, four-quarter time, fourth, free stroke, french polish, fret, fretboard, frets (guitar frets), fretted, from ... to, fundamental


g-clef, gauge, go to ..., grace note, Grace notes, grade, guess durations, guitar, guitar frets, gut string


hairpin, half barré, half-note, half-step, hammering, harm., harmonic minor, harmonics, harmony, Harp, Harpsichord, head, head type, header, headstock, hearing, heel, help, hemiola, hide, hold


in tune, index finger, instruction, instructions, interval, introduction, inversion, inverted chord




Kettledrums, key, key note, fundamental, key signature, Keyboard instruments, know by heart


leading note, learn by heart, ledger line, left, level, line, loud, low, lute, lyrics


machine head, main accent, main harmony, major, make chord, Mallets, Mandolin, margin, marks, measure, measure line (barline), Men's Choir, middle, middle part, midi driver, minim, minor, minor triad, Mixed Choir, move notes, movement, music, music book, music paper, music stand, musical, Musical Saw, musician, mute


natural, natural minor, neapolitan sixth, neck, neck playing, new, nimble, ninth, non-harmonic notes, notation, note dotted, note head, note value, notes, nudge down, nudge left, nudge right, nudge up, numbers


octave, on the fingerboard, open, open position, open string, open tuning, organ, other, out of tune, overtones


page, page setup, palm, part, passing note, paste, pause, pedal, pencil, percussion, perfect cadence, perfect pitch, perform, performance, phrasing, Piano, pick, pick-up, pick-up notes, pickup bar, pickup measure, piece, pitch, play, player, plucked, Plucked Instruments, plywood, point of arrival, position changing, position III, posture, practise, preferences, prefs, preparation, pressure, principal chord, print, program change, progress, propulsion, pull-off, pupil


quantize, quarter note, quaver, quintuplet, quit


real time, record, recorder, rectangle, refresh, region, register, rehearsal, relative, remove, rename, repeat, repetition, response, speech, rest, rest type, retrograde, retuning, returning note, revered to saved, rhythm, right, roll, root, root in the top part, root position, rose, rosewood, rosin, resin, ruler, run


save, save as..., scale, scale length, score, second dominant, second inversion, section, select, selected, semibreve, semiquaver, semitone, set to voice 1, seventh, seventh chord, Shaker, sharp, sheet music, shellac, shift accidental left, show, sight reading, simultaneously, sing, single note, six-eight time, six-four chord, sixteenth note, sixth, size, skill, slacky, slash, Sleigh Bells, slide, slur, snap, solo passage, song, Soprano, Soprano Saxophone, sound, soundhole, space, spacing, speed, split, staff, stage, stave(s), stem, stem down, stem height, stem up, step, strength, strength of tone, stressed, stretch, string, string winder, Strings, strum, study, suspended chord, suspension, sustain


table, tailpiece, tempo, tenacity, Tenor Saxophone, tension, third, thorough-bass, three-four time, thumb, tie, tie notes, time signature, times per measure, Timpani, title, toolbar, top, top part, transpose, treble clef, treble strings, triad, trill, triple tonguing, triplet, Trombone, Trumpet, Tubular Chimes, tune, tuned, tuning, tuning fork, tuning peg, tuplet, two-four time


undo, unison, unit, unplayable, unstressed, upper arm, upstroke


values, velocity, Vibraphone, view, Violin, voice, volume


warp, wedge, whole note, whole rest, whole step, width, Wind Chimes, Wind Machine, windows, Women's Choir, Woodblock, woodwinds, wound, wrist



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